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Danny Rowe, 54, is living the dream. A successful businessman, a beautiful family, and he’s side-stepping the clutch pedal on a nearly 3,000 horsepower, supercharged Chevy Corvette in the J&A Services NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series and it’s 10-stop nation-wide tour.

An avid entrepreneur, primarily operating in the importing industry, Rowe’s business savvy and drive have accelerated him to the upper echelons of the drag racing world where he’s found his home in the fast and furious world of Pro Modified. Not only a fierce competitor on the drag strip, Rowe has been a strong proponent of the sport in boardrooms around the world seeking to raise awareness and grow interest for the sport of drag racing. His salesmanship, which propelled him from door-to-door sales in 1985 to vice president of the company in ’88, has allowed Rowe to forge alliances with a number of first-class sponsors both inside and outside the performance racing industry.

His work ethic, however, has been as crucial to his success on the drag strip as anything. Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Rowe’s strong work ethic, he says, was instilled in him by his family, “especially my father, Tony.” He learned from an early age that it was work first, and play later. In his teenage years he worked as a mechanic, bought classic cars, fixed them up after-hours and then sold them for a profit.

Rowe’s fascination with cars, though originally merely a means to provide for his family, sparked a passion for drag racing. Rowe got his feet wet in the mid 1990s, and soon made his professional debut in 2001 in the NHRA’s upstart Pro Modified category. Since then, he has racked up multiple national event victories and finished second in the 2010 world championship points.


Wife: Val

Children: Caitie, Chelsea, Cassidy

Hobbies: Golf, travel


2015 wins/runner-up nishes: 1/0
Career wins/runner-up nishes: 5/6
2015 points nish: 7th
Best points nish: 2nd (2010, 2011)
Career-best elapsed time: 5.823 seconds (Charlotte 2011)
Career-best speed: 250.55 mph (Gainesville 2014)


2015: Claimed victory at Charlotte 2; Reached one semifinal at Atlanta; Finished seventh in points
2014: Raced to four semifinal finishes; Posted career best speed at Gainesville; Was No 1 qualifier at two events
2013: Raced to runner-up finish at season-finale at Las Vegas; Earned four No 1. qualifier positions; Set best time of event at Charlotte 1, Englishtown, Bristol, and Charlotte 2; Set top speed of event at Englishtown (247.57)
2012: Won two consecutive events at Houston and Englishtown; was No 1. qualifier at Charlotte; finished fifth in the points
2011: Raced to the win at Englishtown; finished runner-up in the world championship hunt for the second consecutive season
2010: Finished runner-up to Von Smith for the world championship

Other employment: Owner, import and trading company